The GSE publishes the Sustainability Annual Report

Data on incentives, energy upgrading, young people training

The GSE has published the 2019 edition of the Sustainability Annual Report. Last year – reads the document – about 200 million incentives were committed to the Thermal Account for over 7,000 energy upgrading projects of public buildings. There were also organized trainings aimed at 2,000 technicians, officials and professionals who operate in the PA.
As for training, starting from primary school pupils upwards, in 2019 alone the GSE met more than 7,200 children. Since 2011, the year when the “GSE Meets the Schools” project were launched, over 20,000 students have been met.
Furthermore, in ten years over one million initiatives have been supported in the energy sector. “If we look at the consolidated statistical data, in 2009 in Italy there were about 80,000 electricity production plants from renewables. In 2018, we reached over 835,000.”

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