Liguria, the results of the call for efficiency

Measures in 17 small municipalities. “Saving of 267,000 kg CO2”

The Liguria Region draws an initial report of its actions for energy saving. Thanks to the call under “ROP EFRD, action 4.1.1,” activated in 2018 and dedicated to the energy efficiency and rational use of energy of small municipalities, 17 towns with a population of up to 2,000 inhabitants have benefited from energy upgrading, “mainly sports facilities, school buildings and municipal buildings.”
Actions thanks to which – explains the Region – it is possible to calculate a saving of 267,000 kg of CO2, “the beneficial equivalent generated by 50.96 hectares of forest, which produced investments in the area for around 2.8 million euros and annual savings of 120,000 euros,” underlines a message.

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