More than 1,000 “green” projects to reboot Europe

Also hydrogen plans, post-COVID SMEs and startups initiatives. Report by EY

European industry is ready to lift off after the COVID emergency by focusing on sustainability. There are 1,000 “ready to go” projects, in all EU member states including Italy, which have the potential to generate immediate economic benefits, create jobs and accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy. The projects have been gathered up in the Ernst & Young report “A Green COVID-19 Recovery and Resilience Plan for Europe”.
The report – among other things – highlights that an investment value of over 200 billion euros, “could create employment for more than 2 million people and have the potential to avoid emissions of 2.3 Gt of greenhouse gases.” EY estimates that this list represents only around 10% of the decarbonization projects currently being developed in Europe.
In addition, about 30% of the listed plans are developed by start-ups and SMEs, many of which are innovative projects, such as solutions for sustainable mobility, green hydrogen, land reclamation and low greenhouse gas emission building materials.

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04 September 2020 - 19:27 CEST