Tuscany, the Region's countryside for the air quality call

Series of meetings on how to access funding intended for municipalities

The information campaign on the call “Integrated projects for the abatement of greenhouse gas emissions in urban areas” issued by the Tuscany Region will start on September 11.
The call is aimed at municipalities that intend to bring trees to the city, expanding their “ green lung” and fighting climate change.
The initiative, organized in cooperation with ANCI (Associazione Nazionale dei Comuni Italiani, National Association of Italian Municipalities), will be divided into four days of work via videoconference. The goal of this series of events is to “present and disseminate the criteria of the call funded with regional resources amounting to 5 million euros and destined to 63 municipalities that face the most critical issues from the point of view of air quality.”
The project is part of the “Carbon Neutral” regional strategy.

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