Heating, the Enea handbook to arrive soon

10 tips of the Agency to save and protect the environment

From October 15 it will be possible to switch on the heaters in over half of the 8,000 Italian municipalities, namely those of the so-called climate zone E which includes large cities such as Milan, Turin, Bologna, Venice, but also mountain areas where the climate is harsher. To protect the environment and save on bills, Enea has published a handbook containing 10 practical tips to better heat our homes, avoiding waste and, in many cases, an unnecessary sanction.
In particular, Enea suggests carrying out maintenance on the systems, checking the temperature of the rooms, paying attention to the hours of ignition, installing reflective panels between the wall and the radiator, shielding the windows at night, avoiding obstacles in front of and above the radiators, submit the home to a check-up, choose innovative heating systems, opt for cutting-edge technological solutions, install thermostatic valves.

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11 October 2020 - 09:15 CEST