ENTSOG, action plan for hydrogen and system integration

Tso at the center of the new “hybrid” energy system, equal market principles for all gases and carriers, H2 infrastructure in TYNDP

All options - gas, hydrogen mixed with gas and hydrogen - “will coexist and will be inevitably and increasingly interconnected.” This is the central theme of the ENTSOG action plan for hydrogen and system integration, prepared by the association of European gas TSOs on the basis of the Roadmap for networks published after a long consultation process with all stakeholders at the end of last year.
ENTSOG proposes in the Plan a series of recommendations on markets, infrastructures and the role of TSOs, stating that the operators of gas transmission systems, together with those of electricity, must be key actors of the new European strategies for hydrogen and integration, given their experience in infrastructure assessment, market organization and service provision.
For the markets, the association hopes to adopt the same principles for all gases, including hydrogen, and expects that H2 clusters will be created at a regional level near the demand centers. It will therefore be essential to connect these clusters through a dedicated system, which ensures diversified sources of supply and thus the development of a competitive hydrogen market.
As for infrastructure, ENTSOG is pushing for coordinated planning of the “European Hydrogen Backbone,” which should start immediately and go hand in hand with the development of H2 clusters. In addition, “positive results achieved in the gas markets in terms of price convergence, availability, accessibility, security of supply and virtualization of operations may be transferred to emerging hydrogen clusters more quickly and efficiently with a combination of reuse of existing gas infrastructures and construction of dedicated infrastructures.”
For its part, the association is committed to promoting and intensifying dialogue with the European Commission, regulatory authorities, industry, NGOs, distribution system operators and TSOs of neighboring countries of the gas, hydrogen and electricity sectors.

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