Circular economy, “green” energy from agricultural waste

Emilia-Romagna project with Confagricoltura and General Confederation of Italian Beet Growers

A new project focusing on the development of the circular economy, which involves the production of “green” energy from agricultural waste, originates from Emilia-Romagna.
In further detail, explains a message, it is about biogas and biofuel plants for new generation mobility with electrical power up to 300 kW, obtained from agricultural by-products and livestock waste, developed by the General Confederation of Italian Beet Growers (Confederazione generale bieticoltori italiani, CGBI).
During a meeting held on Friday between the Regional Councilor for Agriculture, Alessio Mammi, and Presidents of CGBI, Giangiacomo Bonaldi, and Confagricoltura of Emilia-Romagna, Marcello Bonvicini, it was emphasized that the project constitutes “an opportunity for the whole Northern and Central Italy for the development and reboot of the economy through energy efficiency and gradual decarbonization of transport, within the objectives set by the European Green Deal.”
The message reminds that for 10 years CGBI has been valorizing the by-product of sugar beet for energy purposes, granting the associate an income supplement of up to 5 euros per ton on the industrial price, which feeds the 18 biogas plants belonging to the group.

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