Thermal account, GSE updates the counter

€ 1 billion and € 65 million worth incentives requested

Since the Thermal Account was launched until October 1 this year, the GSE has received around 361,000 applications for incentives for which a total of € 1 billion and € 65 million has been allocated. Of this amount €307 M have been dedicated for actions undertaken by the PA and €758 M for works carried out by private entities.
Based on the Operator’s “counter” the expenditure commitment for 2020 totals €307 M, which is about €14 M more compared to the previous month “due to the new applications eligible for incentives to be paid out in the current year,” underlines the GSE.
The expenditure commitment for 2020, about €213 M are intended for actions undertaken by private entities, and about €94 M for the measures taken by the PA, of €49 M by booking. The three amounts of committed incentives are compatible with the annual spending limits set for private entities, PA and bookings of € 700, € 200 and € 100 million, respectively.

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14 October 2020 - 12:46 CEST