Innovation and sustainability, the call of Emilia-Romagna

15 million euro to be allocated for investment projects on environmental protection, energy efficiency, and waste reuse

Increasing the competitiveness of the supply chains and the entire production sector of Emilia-Romagna, “generating positive effects on the region in terms of economic impact and environmental and social sustainability.”
It is one of the main goals of the new call regarding investment attractiveness, approved by the Regional Government. An operation to be carried out “BID with the allocation of 15 million euros for the two-year period of 2021-2022, which could be increased if the industrial projects received required it.”
The Region underlines in a message “the importance of sustainability.” There will be also awarded investment projects on environmental protection, through energy efficiency interventions, cogeneration, production of energy from renewable sources and interventions for the recycling and reuse of waste.

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