Energy, Meditech call for innovation

€2 M to be allocated. The initiative of the 4.0 Competence Center of Campania and Puglia

Energy is one of the sectors covered by a call supporting with 2 million euros projects on innovation, industrial research and experimental development in the field of “4.0 technologies.” The notice is promoted by Meditech, the Campania-Puglia Competence Center which brings together eight universities and twenty-two businesses.
The call was presented during a webinar held on November 12. Proposals eligible for funding will receive a contribution of up to 50% “of the incurred and documented costs, with a maximum of € 200,000.”
The main technological priorities identified in the call also include sustainable sources, smart grids, “green” mobility and circular economy.

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16 November 2020 - 15:27 CET