Innovative startups, MoED provides a snapshot of the situation in Italy

The report with all the data as at September 30

The MoED has published the new edition of the quarterly monitoring report dedicated to the demographic trends and economic performance of innovative startups.
The report, which presents data as at September 30, 2020, provides an overview if this sector. According to the report, the number of registered startups is now stable and is above 10,000. The Ministry’s website reads that as at September 30, 2020, there are 12,068 of them, whereas 3.3% of all newly created joint stock companies.
With regard to area distribution, over a quarter of all Italian startups (27.3%) is based on Lombardy. The province of Milan alone, with 2,370, accounts for 19.6% of the population, more than any other region. Lazio exceeds 1,000 with 1,385 (representing 11.5%) and Veneto, with 1,008 (8.4% of the total).
The report indicates that the company’s share capital, compared to the previous quarter, increased by 5%, reaching over 56,000. The share of companies founded by under-35s is high (18.6% of the total).

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