Lombardia, progetto per la prima “hydrogen valley” italiana

Lombardy, project for the first Italian “hydrogen valley”

By 2023, H2 powered trains in Valcamonica. The plan of the Region, FNM and Trenord

Creating the first “hydrogen valley” of Italy in Valcamonica. This is the project of FNM, Trenord and the Lombardy Region which is based on the purchase of new hydrogen-powered trains, that will operate the non-electrified Brescia-Iseo-Edolo line from 2023, replacing the current diesel-powered trains. The construction of H2 production plants is also planned, initially intended for the new trains.
As a first step, the board of directors of FNM approved the purchase of 6 hydrogen-powered electric trains, with an option of delivery of another 8. “The investment has been preliminarily estimated at over 160 million euros,” reads a message. The first trains, produced by Alstom, will be delivered by 2023. The first hydrogen production, storage and distribution plant will be built by FNM in Iseo between 2021 and 2023.
By 2025, there is also planned an extension of the use of hydrogen to local public transport, starting from the approximately 40 vehicles operated in Valcamonica by FNMAutoservizi (wholly owned subsidiary of FNM), with the possibility of opening for the needs of freight and private logistics.

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