Nuclear waste storage, the map of suitable sites

CNAPI published, 67 areas identified. Consultation launched

Upon the approval of the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of the Environment, the National Map of Potentially Suitable Sites (Carta Nazionale delle Aree Potenzialmente Idonee, CNAPI), the preliminary project and all the documents related to the creation of the National Radioactive Waste Repository and the Technological Park was published. Its aim is to “definitively resolve the matter of Italian radioactive waste of low and medium activity.”
The CNAPI published by Sogin (the company in charge of the dismantling of nuclear plants and the management and safety of radioactive waste) contains a list of 67 potentially suitable sites. This step – underlines a message – actually starts a phase of a 2-month consultation on the documents, at the end of which the national seminar will be held within the following 4 months. “ This will be the beginning of the real public debate which will see the participation of local authorities, trade associations, trade unions, universities and research centers.”
Based on the feedback and discussion during the national seminar, Sogin will update the CNAPI, which will again be sent over to the MoED, the ISIN control body, the MoE and the MoIT for their opinion. Based on these opinions, the Ministry of Economic Development will validate the final version of the Map, that is the CNAI, the National Map of Suitable Sites.

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