Genoa, landfill biomethane production starts

The Asja plant will put into the network 5.5 million cubic meters per year

The first 400,000 cubic meters of biomethane produced by the Asja upgraded plant located at the landfill of Genoa were introduced into the Snam transport network.
At the end of 2020, the company actually put into operation the first plant producing biomethane from landfill gas on industrial scale in Italy. Its capacity is 1,500 m3/h of incoming biogas, following the conversion of the power production installation with the installed capacity of 11.2 MW.
The plant will produce 5.5 million cubic meters of biomethane a year.
Through the reconversion of the biogas plant in Genoa, explains a message, Asja aims to follow “the natural evolution of biogas into biomethane, giving a new identity to a supply chain that differs from that of electricity production.”

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