State aid to energy and environment, proposals of the Italian government

From ESCOs to sustainable mobility up to hydrogen and cogeneration. Fast-track for the approval of Brussels

From sustainable mobility to hydrogen, from storage to renewables, from energy intensive industries to ESCOs and cogeneration. The Italian government has responded to the consultation, opened from last November to January 7, which was launched by the Commission. It regarded the revision of the guidelines on state aid to the energy and environment sectors, and on the new articles 36 to 49 of regulation 651/2014 “General Block Exemption” (GBER) and relating thereto.
The European Policies Department of the Presidency of the Council actually submitted the “ Italian position” relating to the consultation, asking, above all, for an accelerated process (“ fast-track”) of approval procedures of the Member States’ notices by the Commission.
The Government also asks to “better consider the incentives favor sustainable mobility and hydrogen” and evaluate “a specific scope of application of the state aid regulations referring to ESCO companies with respect to energy efficiency measures for buildings, also those publicly owned.”
As for the high-efficiency cogeneration (HER), considering that “it is not always possible to separate the additional investment costs with respect to the separate energy production,” Italy proposes “the establishment of a percentage limit of aid intensity with respect to the total investment cost.”
By the end of the year, the EU Commission plans to adopt the new rules on state aid to energy and the environment, which will apply as of January 1, 2022.

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