EU, the new strategy for adaptation to climate change

The Commission relies on data and international cooperation

The European Commission has passed a new adaptation strategy to climate change. The plan “ defines the pathway to take to be ready” in the face of the effects of climate change.
“The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us harshly that insufficient preparation can have disastrous consequences. There is no vaccine against the climate crisis, but we can still fight it and prepare for its inevitable effects,” said Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice President responsible for the European Green Deal.
The EU intends to work “to build a society resilient to climate change by improving knowledge of its effects and adaptation solutions, intensifying the planning of adaptation and the climate risk assessment; accelerating the adaptation action and helping to strengthen resilience to climate change worldwide.” According to Brussels, it is necessary to “improve the quality and quantity of data collected on risks in order to make them available to everyone.” Another point of the strategy concerns the intensification of international action “by increasing the funding and strengthening commitment and global trading.”

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