Biomethane incentives, GSE’s counter updated

The data of 2020: 129,159 CICs worth €48.4 M withdrawn

The GSE (state-owned company which manages renewable energy incentives, Gestore dei Servizi Energetici) has updated, with the data of the period of January-December 2020, the counter of production capacity and of the actual annual production of the plants of advanced biomethane and advanced biofuels other than biomethane qualified in service and expressed in Certificates of Introduction onto the Market (Certificati di Immissione in Consumo, CICs),
As for the production of advanced biomethane in the same period 129,159 CICs were withdrawn by the Operator for the equivalent worth 48.4 million euros. The GSE granted incentives worth around 83.5 million m3 of which withdrew and put on the market around 70,8 million m3, with an equivalent value of over €7.5 million. The Operator specifies that “the current update refers only to the plants already included in the ranking and that there are still estimates on the number of CICs to be issued for the year under analysis as some final data relating to the month of December still must be reported.”
In turn with respect to the production of advanced biofuels, in 2020, there were withdrawn 1,295 CICs of an equivalent value of €0.5 million.
The GSE also monitors the accomplishment of the maximum annual limit of biomethane production capacity covered by the mechanisms set forth by the MD of March 2, 2018 which in the reference period is 133.1 million m3 a year, 12.1% of the maximum admissible limit of 1.1 billion standard m3.

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