MoEF, the framework for green BTP emissions

The Ministry publishes the Reference Framework for Government Bonds

The Ministry of Economy and Finance has published the Reference Framework for the issuing of Green BTPs (Green Bond Framework).
“This document illustrates the environmental strategy of the Italian Republic and the four essential mechanisms that will be coupled with the issuance of Green BTPs: the criteria of selection of the expenses envisaged in the national budget considered eligible for emissions, the use of the proceeds from various emissions, the monitoring of these expenses and their environmental impact.”
The contents of the guide were developed "through a complex activity of data and information collection within the Interministerial Committee for Green Government Bonds specifically established under the 2020 Budget Law,” explains a message.
The document states that “in order to be considered eligible according to the provisions of the reference framework,” the expenses must fall into one of the following sectors: renewable sources for heat and electricity production, energy efficiency, transport, pollution prevention and control as well as circular economy.

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