RSE, focus on hydrogen “energy vector for decarbonization”

A monograph dedicated to the technologies available and the barriers to be overcome

RSE has published a volume entitled “Hydrogen – An energy vector for decarbonization.” H2 is actually a topic “of great relevance and strategic importance for the Italian and European energy system,” underlines a message.
The monograph created by RSE intends to make available to the scientific community as well as public and private decision makers “a clear and updated picture of knowledge on hydrogen technologies, and some points for discussion on the undoubted strengths of this option, also highlighting the barriers still need to be overcome for its widespread deployment”
The text proposes a state of the art of various technologies that make up the hydrogen supply chains, in relation to the stages of production, accumulation, transport and use, providing information on the related costs. By reading the results of the most recent analyses of scenario, carried out with the aim of accelerating decarbonization and over a medium- (2030) and long-term (2050) horizons, adds RSE, “it is possible to trace the most effective path of evolution of the energy system, up to the goal of zero emissions, with a progressive growth in the use of hydrogen, estimating its possible expansion across our country.”

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01 March 2021 - 12:54 CET