G20, the priorities on the environment and climate

Meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors

Finance ministers and central bank governors of the G20 met (by videoconference) in the first official meeting under the leadership of the Italian Presidency.
Considerable coverage was given to tools to counter the COVID-19 pandemic. Generally speaking, ministers and governors “discussed the advantages of coordinated actions and enhanced cooperation, agreeing to avoid premature interruptions of economic support measures,” reads a message from the MoEF.
The second ministerial meeting of the Finance Track, scheduled for April, envisages an update the G20 Action Plan, “in order to address both the current global challenges and the difficulties that characterized the global economy even before the pandemic, such as low levels of economic growth, the emergence of inequalities, the risks associated with climate and environmental changes and gaps in the infrastructure financing system.”
The participants in the meeting agreed “that recovery strategies can represent an opportunity for promoting more sustainable development models and transition to more equitable and inclusive societies.” Furthermore, “decisive steps in this direction will be defined in two key events during 2021:” a high-level symposium on international taxation, scheduled for July 9, and a conference on climate on July 11. Both events will take place in Venice close toward the date of the third meeting of the G20 ministers and governors.

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