Gas security, the new EU risk groups

Italy still part of all 4 routes: Eastern, North Sea, North African and Southeastern

The European Commission has adopted the review of the 13 “risk groups” defined by the 2017/1938 regulation on the security of gas supply. Since 2017, Brussels explains in a message, “major gas infrastructures have entered into service and others are will become operational by 2023.”
The new groups, contained in a delegated regulation published on Thursday, were defined after ENTSOG updated a simulation of possible gas supply disruption scenarios and following a consultation that closed in August this year. The conclusions were then discussed by the Gas Coordination Group (GCG).
This has resulted in a reorganization of the risk groups, which remain divided into the four Eastern, North Sea, North African and South Eastern routes. There are no changes for Italy which is part of all four groups.
In further detail, according to the regulation, the Eastern route has been expanded through the entry of Denmark and Sweden to the Ukraine and Belarus Risk Groups and the arrival of the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Sweden in the Northeastern route.
The North Sea route in turn reports the entry of Poland into the Norway and Denmark Risk Groups.
Furthermore, considering the existing bidirectional capacity between Romania and Hungary at the
Csanádpalota interconnection point, which has been operating for one year, Hungary becomes a member of the Trans-Balkan Risk Group.
Finally, as a result of Brexit, the UK ceased to be part of the Norway and
United Kingdom Risk Groups.
Our country is a member of the Ukraine (Eastern route), Norway (North Sea), Algeria and Libya (North African route) and Southern Gas Corridor and Eastern Mediterranean (South-Eastern route) Risk Groups.

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