Road transport, €100 M for the purchase of ecological vehicles

The MoSIM grants to CNG, LNG, hybrid and electric cars

“After the incentives aimed at the elimination of the most polluting buses, the NRRP funding dedicated to the renewal of trains and buses, investments for greener ports, the introduction of incentives for road haulage companies confirms the government’s commitment to an ecological transformation of the entire mobility and logistics system.” Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, Enrico Giovannini, stated it on Thursday, announcing also the signing of two decrees that allocate 100 million euros for the purchase of environmentally friendly vehicles by road haulage companies.
The first decree, dedicated to “high sustainability investments,” makes available € 50 million for the years 2021-2026 for the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles, especially CNG, LNG, hybrid diesel/electric and electric cars. Incentives range from €4,000 to €24,000 depending on the type and weight of the vehicle, with an additional contribution of €1,000 in the case of scrapping of a diesel vehicle.
The other decree, for “investments aimed at the renewal and technological adaptation of the vehicle fleet,” makes available an additional € 50 million in the two-year period of 2021-2022 to encourage the replacement of vehicles: € 35 million for the purchase with scrapping of Euro 6 diesel vehicles (incentives from €3,000 to €15,000), €5 million for methane, LNG, hybrid and electric vehicles (incentives from €4,000 to €24,000 plus €1,000 in case of scrapping) and €10 million for trailers used for combined rail and sea transport equipped with innovative devices for safety and energy saving.


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