The Commission publishes the new list of Projects of Common Interest EU

The initiatives concerning Italy include the gas pipeline with Malta, the Adriatic Ridge and the Matagiola-Massafra line

On Friday, the EU Commission adopted the fifth list of Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEIs) with a total of 98 initiatives: 67 for electricity transmission and storage, 20 for gas, 6 for CO2 networks, and 5 for smart grids.
As far as initiatives involving Italy are concerned, the list includes projects on the gas pipeline with Malta and the cluster comprising transport infrastructures from the eastern Mediterranean: EastMed, Poseidon and the strengthening of the national network with the Adriatic Ridge and the Matagiola-Massafra pipeline.
Also on the fifth list are the Thusis/Sils-Verderio Inferiore (Greenconnector) power lines with Switzerland, Tunisia-Sicily (Elmed) and Corsica-Sardinia (Sacoi 3).
The fifth list, part of a delegated regulation, will now be examined by the European Parliament and the European Council that within two months will be able to approve or reject the Commission’s proposal without requesting modifications.

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