UNI Guide for Smart Cities and Communities

“Innovative use of technology and data to achieve a sustainable future.”

A guide to smart city and community leaders on how to develop an open, cooperative, citizen-centric, digitally enabled operating model for their city that puts its sustainable future vision into practice. This is the goal of the UNI 1610360 draft, prepared by the Commission for “ Sustainable Cities, Communities and Infrastructures” of the Italian Standards Authority, currently under preliminary public consultation closing on December 3.
The document, UNI explains, does not describe a single model for the future of cities. It focuses rather on the enabling processes through which the innovative use of technology and data, combined with organizational change, can help each city achieve its specific vision for a sustainable future in a more efficient, effective, and agile way.
The guide, which replaces UNI ISO 37106:2019, includes proven tools that cities can use to operationalize the vision, strategy and policy agenda they developed following the adoption of ISO 37101, the Sustainable Community Development Management System standard. It can also be used, fully or partially, by cities that have not committed to implementing the ISO 37101 management system.


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