Shah Deniz close to the regime of 26 bcm/year

Production from the fifth well started “on schedule”

Important news for Shah Deniz 2, Azerbaijan’s gas field that feeds the TAP. BP has actually announced the start of production from the fifth well located on the north side. This operation started “safely” and “on schedule,” underlines the company.
Now, the total production capacity of Shah Deniz plants 1 and 2 is above 25 bcm of gas per year. This figure is very close to the estimated 26 bcm/year at full capacity.
In further detail, BP continues, as of July 2021, the daily production rates of the “Shah Deniz Bravo” platform reached those of “Shah Deniz Alpha” for the first time. What is more, in the first nine months of the year, a total of 16 bcm of gas and about 3 million tons of condensate came from the field.
The Shah Deniz 2 project involved an investment of $28 billion and is the first underwater construction developed in the Caspian Sea.

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