“Methane remains the most economical of the most widespread fuels.”

Assogasmetano: “With €10 it is possible to cover 90 km, 56 km with gasoline and 70 km with diesel fuel.”

“Despite recent growths, methane remains the most economical of today’s most widespread fuels.” It is a finding of Assogasmetano (National CNG Distribution Companies Association), whose research department has calculated the average distance possible with €10 spent for fuel in the case of methane, gasoline and diesel fuel.
Referring to the average prices of fuels reported on November 17 and methane yield in relation to other fuels, the report shows that an average car with an expenditure of €10 can travel 90 km on methane, 56 km on gasoline and 70 km on diesel fuel.
“The methane-fueled car maintains its economic advantage over other fuels, despite recent increases due to supply problems at international level, which however are expected to be reduced over the next few months,” commented President of Assogasmetano, Flavio Merigo. In his opinion, the association’s data “show that methane remains the most convenient fuel (especially compared to gasoline) although savings are momentarily lower.”

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