Efficiency and smart city, €3.4 billion to the municipalities

The Ministry of the Interior is funding 1,784 urban regeneration projects under the NRRP

The Ministry of the Interior, in agreement with MoEF and MoSIIM, has signed a decree that allocates € 3.4 billion to finance 1,784 projects of urban regeneration submitted by 483 municipalities.
The MD of December 30, 2021 implements especially the law no. 160 of December 27, 2019, and the DPCM of January 21, 2021, drawing on NRRP funds for the period of 2021-2026.
The presented initiatives, indicates Undersecretary Carlo Sibilia, also include “recovery and eco-sustainable refurbishment of building structures and public areas, projects related to smart cities (transport and energy consumption).”
Applications for funding were submitted to the Ministry via an online procedure by the deadline of June 4, 2021. They covered of 2,418 projects, whereby a total contribution requested was €4.4 billion. There were 2,325 admitted initiatives of which 1,784 were funded. The projects pending further assessment will be sublet to a further verification.

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