Clima, via al bando EU-Catalyst Partnership

Climate, the EU-Catalyst Partnership call launched

€820 M for hydrogen, storage, SAF and CO2 capture from the air

In the period of 2022-2026, the EU-Catalyst Partnership will mobilize 820 million euros ($1 billion) for the Green Deal. It is an initiative announced at COP 26 last November by the EU Commission, the European Investment Bank (EIB) and Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Catalyst Fund.
On Tuesday, the EU Commission launched the call for EU-Catalyst Partnership, which, as a message explains, aims to “accelerate the dissemination and commercialization of innovative technologies that can contribute to the achievement of the Green Deal ambitions and the Eu’s climate targets by 2030.
In further detail, the projects eligible for funding, to be implemented in EU countries, regards the field of hydrogen, long-term energy storage, sustainable fuels for aviation (Saf) and capture of CO2 from the air (which, unlike CCS, absorbs carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere).
EU funding for EU-Catalyst Partnership comes from Horizon Europe and the Innovation Fund.
“We need a technology revolution on a global scale, large investments, increased financial risk-taking and breakthrough innovations, and policies that support public-private partnerships,” commented EU Research and Innovation Commissioner Mariya Gabriel.

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