The interactive observatory on enterprise 4.0 goes live

The tool of Dintec of the Chambers of Commerce to obtain information on the level of digital transformation of businesses

“Pid-Osserva” is the name of the latest tool developed by Dintec, the consortium for technological innovation of the Chambers of Commerce that coordinates all the activities of the network of their digital business points.
Thanks to the data collected through the assessment tools SelfI4.0, Zoom4.0 and Digital Skill Voyager, Pid-Osserva allows obtaining information on the level of digital transformation of companies.
It is an agile and friendly tool to use the data collected through the instruments for assessing the digital maturity of companies, but also to gather a significant amount of information on the level of innovation and digitization of the production sector.
The role of connection played by the PIDs (punti impresa digitale, digital enterprise points) has been decisive in assisting SMEs in the processes of digitalization and supporting them in the adoption of 4.0 technologies and new business models, the message underlines, adding that the awards obtained nationally and internationally and the more than 400,000 businesses that have benefited from the services, make the PIDs “an asset of the network of the Chambers on Commerce in which they can continue to invest with the aim of increasing the digitalization of the Italian production sector.


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