Adriatic Lng, open season da 147 mld mc

Adriatic LNG, open season for 147 bcm

The second 25-year procedure will be held at the end of May

Adriatic LNG has published the main information related to the open season procedure that will be launched at the end of May to allocate a LNG regasification capacity of 147 billion cubic meters over the next 25 years, from the end of 2022 to 2047.
The information leaflet on the open season provides information on the regasification capacity and on the main provisions governing access to services and allocation, as well as giving details of the offer phases and the evaluation and allocation methods.
The open season will be developed in two phases: a non-binding pre-qualification phase that is expected to take place in June and a second binding phase for the allocation of LNG regasification capacity in July.
At the same time, Adriatic LNG intends to “assess the interest of market operators on the possible creation of LNG regasification capacity beyond 9 billion cubic meters/year that is for a further increase by 0.5 billion cubic meters/year of natural gas and/or the development of a Wobbe index correction service in order to receive LNG from even more supply sources.”
With the first open season closed in December 2021, Adriatic LNG has allocated capacity for a total amount of approximately 2 bcm over a time frame of approximately 3 years.

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