Qualità dell’aria, il Piemonte punta a rinnovare il parco veicoli delle imprese

Air quality, Piedmont aims to renew the companies’ vehicle fleets

The measure also favoring the purchase of hydrogen, LPG, CNG and LNG vehicles refinanced

Piedmont is undertaking the renewal of the vehicle fleet of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises based in the area. The Regional Council has approved a resolution to refinance with €347,000 the present call, which, with the new endowment, rises to a total amount of € 7.2 million. The first procedure was launched at the end of 2021. As a message reads, the objective is to improve air quality and promote environmentally sustainable development of mobility of companies. The funding is divided into three different areas. The first provides for the purchase of means of transport for goods or people of at least the Euro 6 standard, after scrapping of cars of up to Euro 5 (diesel) or up to Euro 3 (gasoline or hybrids). The hybrid, electric, hydrogen, LPG, methane and LNG power feeding will be supported. It is also possible to choose bifuel (petrol-methane or LPG petrol). The two other lines are dedicated to motorcycles with “only electric feeding” and financing for various types of bicycles.

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