Biometano, Gse: a gennaio ritirati 16.207 Cic

Biomethane, the GSE: 16,207 CICs withdrawn in January

The counter update: over the month 11 million cubic meters worth €6.1 million incentivized.

Last January, the GSE withdrew 16,207 Certificates of Introduction onto the Market (Certificati di Immissione in Consumo, CICs) of advanced biomethane, worth approximately €6.1 million.
On the basis of the usual update of the Operator’s counter, around 11 million cubic meters of biomethane were incentivized, physically withdrawn and introduced onto the market. They included the quantities withdrawn from plants not yet incentivized but with a signed letter of intent for physical withdrawal (1.6 million cubic meters) - worth approximately €10 million.
The GSE also monitored the accomplishment of the maximum annual limit of biomethane production capacity covered by the mechanisms set forth by the MD of March 2, 2018 which over the quarter equals around 253.9 million cubic meters a year, 23% of the maximum admissible limit of 1.1 billion cubic meters.
As for the production of advanced biofuels other than biomethane, the GSE has not updated the relevant section since there are no CICs subject to withdrawal in 2021.

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