Bilancio gas, i dati Mite di giugno

Gas balance, the MoET’s data of June

Exports and imports from Algeria and Transitgas up, flows from Russia down. Domestic production rises

On Friday, the Ministry of Ecological Transition released its June update on the gas system, which shows especially a marked increase in exports, which was 223.1 percent higher compared with the same month last year, reaching 369 mcm.
Domestic gas production was also +14.4 percent up that is 273 mcm in June.
As for the import, the MoET reports an increase in flows at the Mazara del Vallo (Algeria) nodes by 19.5 percent to 1,947 mcm, Gela (Libya) by 5.2 percent to 198 mcm and especially Passo Gries (Transitgas) by 892.8 percent to 431 mcm.
Imports to Tarvisio (Russia) in turn were -54.3% down to 1,018 mcm
As for LNG landed at regasification terminals in June, the MoET observed positive trends in Rovigo (+5.6% to 818 mcm) and Panigaglia (293 mcm compared to zero a year earlier) and negative trends in Livorno (-1.2% to 297 mcm).
Overall, Italian gas consumption in June showed a decrease of 2 percent to 4,232 mcm.
The balance for the first 6 months of the year shows consumption of 39,080 mcm (-1.8% when compared with the same period in 2021), imports of 37,698 mcm (+2.2%), exports of 1,836 mcm (+398.1%) and domestic production of 1,642 mcm (-1.3%).


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