Tutela gas, l’aggiornamento Arera diventa mensile

Standard offer gas service, ARERA’S update becomes monthly

Change of energy component definition methods: day-ahead PSV instead of TTF

From the next tariff update, scheduled for October 1, there will change the method of updating the costs of gas as raw material for households covered by the standard offer service (currently about 7.3 million domestic customers, out of a total of 20.4 million, which accounts for about 35.6 percent). ARERA (Autorità di Regolazione per Energia, Reti e Ambiente, Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment) has set it forth in Resolution 374/2022, with the aim of “ introducing measures to protect consumers and guarantee continuity of supply.”
Specifically, the Authority has decided to no longer use the wholesale market forward quotations as a reference, but the average of the actual day ahead prices at the Italian PSV, while increasing the frequency of price updates, which becomes monthly and no longer quarterly.
The new method will remain in force until the end of gas protection, currently scheduled for January 2023, a deadline that the Authority “has repeatedly requested be aligned with that of the end of standard offer electricity scheduled, scheduled for January 2024,” a message points out.
The intervention “aims to make supplies to consumers more secure,” the Regulator points out. In addition, the new update method “facilitates the procurement of the volumes needed to meet demand, thanks to the reduction of the risks today linked to the differences between the forward quotations used for the update on the current standard offer gas service and the spot price at which it is possible to supply the part of unforeseeable consumption for the winter.”


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