Infrastrutture critiche, Italia primo Paese Ue con sistema integrato di monitoraggio del rischio

Critical infrastructure, Italy first EU country with integrated risk monitoring system

The MoSIM initiative with ENEA and INGV for the security of road and railway networks

Deploying the most advanced technologies to strengthen the safety of Italian roads and railways and ensure the continuity of national infrastructure and transport, mobility and logistics services in case of fires and extreme natural events, such as earthquakes and floods. This is the goal of a memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility (MoSIM), ENEA and INGV thanks to which our country will become the first in Europe to have an integrated critical infrastructure risk monitoring system.
Signed on September 4 by the DG Digitalization and Information Systems at the MoSIM, Mario Nobile, with Presidents of ENEA, Gilberto Dialuce, and INGV, Carlo Doglioni, the memorandum envisages “close” cooperation between the three entities with ANAS and Italian Railways (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, RFI) and with private concession holders in order to “improve the level of knowledge and control of public works and road and railway networks” and “constitute a unique set of assets and information that will be made available to infrastructure managers to prevent accidents and wear and tear damage.”
Among the most relevant points of the memorandum is support for the management and use of the National Register of Public Works (Anagrafe Nazionale delle Opere Pubbliche, AINOP) through the development of interactive digital models of infrastructure, accompanied by seismic, hydraulic, hydrogeological and meteorological data. AINOP will be at the center of the new security management system both as a “recipient” of the information that will be acquired about the works and as a “ provider” of data to support monitoring and operational risk forecasting activities.

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