Navi “green”, prorogato il termine per gli incentivi

"Green" ships, deadline for incentives extended

Applications due by December 5. Funds of 500 million euros

The deadline for submitting applications for the subsidy provided by Ministerial Decree No. 290 of September 21, 2022 ("green ships") has been extended. Indeed, the MoED has announced that applications for access to the aid must be submitted by 12 noon of December 5, 2022, the deadline being extended "also due to the complexity and number of documents to be prepared and in the face of numerous requests received, with the intention of encouraging the maximum possible participation."
The decree establishes the criteria, terms and manners of allocating a total of 500 million euros as a contribution to shipowners for the purchase of new ships or the modernization of existing ones or those under construction, with the aim of encouraging the ecological transition of the fleet. Specifically, resources under the Plan complementary to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) will be allocated to projects submitted by ship-owning companies that are able to ensure better environmental performance and a significant reduction of polluting emissions from ships, including in ports, through the use of the latest generation of propulsion systems, electric batteries, hybrid or in any way innovative hydrodynamic solutions, digital control systems or sustainability of materials.


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