Cop 27, nasce il fondo per i Paesi più vulnerabili

COP 27, fund for most vulnerable countries created

No agreement, however, on mitigation actions. Strong Italian participation in the conference

After lengthy and difficult negotiations, the most important outcome of the COP 27 climate conference, which closed on November 20 in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el Sheikh, was the creation of a Fund to support the most vulnerable countries to deal with the loss and damage resulting from the occurrence of extreme climate events, the so-called "loss and damage."
The operating arrangements of the fund have been referred to an ad hoc committee that will have to work them out on time for approval at Cop 28, to be held a year from now in the United Arab Emirates.
The fund will support the most vulnerable countries in adapting to the effects of climate change based on the principle of solidarity, including through innovative financial instruments and possibly broadening the base of potential contributors to the financial resources that will be made available.
Less satisfactory were the results achieved on the mitigation action. In fact, despite the strong commitment of the EU and other groups of countries, the ambition of the goals defined last year at COP 26 in Glasgow could not be increased.
On the part of Italy, said Environment and Energy Security Minister Gilberto Pichetto, "in full agreement with our main European and other partners, we are going to start working intensively as early as tomorrow for more ambitious targets to be achieved next year at COP 28."
Italy participated in COP 27 both through the direct speech of its Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, and through two missions to Sharm el Sheikh by Minister Pichetto, with constant input from the Italian government's special envoy for climate change, Alessandro Modiano.
In addition, the Italian pavilion set up in the COP venue featured numerous climate initiatives undertaken by various public and private actors.


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