Hydrogen valley, ci sono anche Toscana e Molise

Hydrogen valley, also Tuscany and Molise are there

Notices published by the two regions, total funding of €33.5 million

The number of Italian regions involved in calls for green hydrogen production, the so-called Hydrogen Valley, rises to 13. After the Aosta Valley, Piedmont, Apulia, Sicily, Latium, Umbria, Campania, Lombardy, Sardinia, Calabria and Basilicata, Tuscany and Molise have actually arrived, issuing their own calls under the NRRP-funded measure that envisages the creation of green hydrogen production sites in brownfield areas promoting the use of H2 in industry and transport.
Specifically, Molise has published a notice allocating 16 million euros for the implementation of renewable hydrogen production projects on brownfield sites by all companies of any size. The region has designated the Regional Energy Policy Programming Service as the body responsible for management (selection of projects, approval of the ranking list, granting of subsidies, consideration of variations and extensions, and revocations), while the body in charge of control will be the Department of Territorial Government.
Applications must be submitted by February 28.
February 17, however, is the deadline for applications for the notice issued by Tuscany, which has made available 17.5 million euros for the construction of electrolysers for the production of renewable hydrogen and related auxiliary systems and additional plants subservient to the electrolysers, including any electricity storage systems.

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