Germania, arriva il terzo rigassificatore galleggiante

Germany, third floating regasification unit arrives

ISRU in Brunsbüttel port operational since February. Finland terminal also gets under way

Just days after those in Wilhelmshaven and Lubmin, Germany's third floating regasification terminal arrived in Brunsbüttel on January 20.
The FSRU in Brunsbüttel, a port on Germany's North Sea north of Hamburg, was leased by the Berlin government for a 10-year period and has a capacity of 7.5 billion cubic meters per year.
Work will now begin on connecting the FSRU to the new grid-connecting pipeline, while the first LNG cargo will arrive at the end of the month to allow the plant to start commercial operation in early February.
The FSRU is the first element of what will be the Brunsbüttel energy hub, where an onshore LNG regasifier and a terminal capable of receiving 300,000 tons per year of green ammonia will be built starting in 2026.
"Brunsbüttel is Germany's third FSRU and the second leased by the government," said Vice Chancellor and Minister of Economy and Climate, Robert Habeck.
An Fsru, contracted for 10 years by local TSO Gasgrid, also arrived in Finland on December 28 and started commercial operations on January 16.
The Fsru, located in the port of Inkoo, 50 km west of Helsinki, has a capacity of more than 5 bcm/year, far exceeding Finland's consumption, notes operator Gasgrid. Gas can therefore also be supplied to Poland and the Baltic Countries through the new Balticconnector pipeline.

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