Roma avvia la sperimentazione di autobus a idrogeno

Rome starts hydrogen bus testing

Plans to purchase 30 vehicles and implement electrolyzers

Putting in place an experimentation of the use of hydrogen buses in the area of Rome also providing for the possible participation in European, national or regional projects and funding or with agreements and partnerships with other public or private entities. This is provided in the mandate to the Municipality's Mobility and Transportation Department approved by the Capital City Council.
The mandate, explained Mobility Councillor Eugenio Patanè, "is part of the administration's overall strategy to completely renew the bus fleet in the name of sustainability." In this respect, Patané announced, "one of the options we are evaluating, hoping to be able to obtain European funding suitable for both the installation and management of hydrogen buses, is to start with the tests, together with ATAC, from the Acilia depot in Municipality X by purchasing 30 cars and to build, within the same depot, the electrolyzers for the autonomous production of green hydrogen."
At the same time, the Councilor continued, "we are considering the possibility of exploiting green hydrogen produced from waste in a virtuous process of circular economy."


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