Italia e Algeria per una nuova condotta gas-idrogeno

Italy and Algeria aim at new gas-hydrogen pipeline

Announcement in Algiers by Prime Minister Meloni and President Tebboune

Italy and Algeria are considering the construction of a new pipeline between the two countries that will transport gas and hydrogen. This is the outcome of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni's visit to Algiers, where she met with Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune.
The announcement was made at a joint press conference following the two leaders' meeting in Algiers. "The timing will be defined by technicians but we agree that it will be a special, different pipeline because it will cover gas, hydrogen, ammonia and electricity," Tebboune disclosed.
Meloni spoke of "a new pipeline to transport hydrogen" and "an undersea electric cable" (as well as LNG supplies), but without adding details.
The idea is to make Italy a hub, a "gateway to Europe," Premier Meloni said.
In late December, the revitalization of the Galsi, a project on the table for some time that envisioned an 830-kilometer, 8 billion cubic meter/year pipeline, had been discussed by Algeria's Energy Minister Mohamed Arkab with German government representatives. The route would include an initial section from the Algerian El-Kala station to Porto Botte (Cagliari), a Sardinian backbone to Olbia, and then an offshore line to Piombino.
It is currently unclear whether the idea is to restart from that original project and expand it.


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