Gnl, a Rovigo arriva la millesima metaniera

LNG, 1,000th LNG carrier arrives in Rovigo

So far, the terminal has injected 85 bcm of gas into the Italian network

The 1,000th LNG carrier has landed at the Adriatic LNG regasification terminal. It is the "Q-flex" category vessel with a capacity of 217,000 cubic meters of LNG Tembek, which departed from the port of Ras Laffan in Qatar.
Adriatic LNG points out in a statement that since it became operational in 2009 to date, the regasification plant off Rovigo has fed about 85 bcm of gas into the Italian network.
The terminal has received LNG from a number of supplier countries, including Qatar, the U.S., Trinidad and Tobago, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Norway, Egypt and recently Mozambique, the statement informs, adding that the plant has also received re-exported cargoes from nations such as China, Belgium and France.
Adriatic LNG lately applied to the MoEES for an increase in terminal capacity to 9.6 bcm and earlier this month launched an open season for the long-term capacity available from January 2029, totaling 156.5 bcm to 2052.

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