Idrogeno, eolico offshore e Ccs nel porto di Cagliari

Hydrogen, offshore wind and CCS in Cagliari port

Presentation of project for industrial hub in special economic zone

A total investment of more than 14.1 million euros will be involved in the project to build a "world-class engineering hub in Cagliari's Canal Port where projects related to offshore wind power, CO2 capture skid installations and hydrogen production will also be carried out."
A statement issued by the Port System Authority of the Sea of Sardinia explains that the company Nuova Impresa Costruzioni Manutenzioni Industriali has applied for a 20-year maritime state concession of an uncovered area of 149,906 square meters in Cagliari's Canal Port, where it will build "a facility including spaces suitable for housing semi-finished products, which will allow the delivery of both raw materials and finished products of exceptional dimensions directly to the quay by taking advantage of the sea transport system on international routes."
The area requested in concession, the Authority points out, falls within the perimeter of the Special Economic Zone established in the Port of Cagliari by the DPCM of December 10, 2021, "the benefits of which the applicant intends to take advantage of." In the future, the area may actually be included in the Customs Free Zone established by the DPCM of June 7, 2001, of which currently only the first lot owned by the Cagliari Provincial Industrial Consortium (Consorzio Industriale Provinciale di Cagliari, CACIP) has been developed.
Any comments on the concession application must be submitted to the Authority by April 15.

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