Storage, le raccomandazioni della Commissione Ue

Storage, EU Commission recommendations

"Taking energy storage into account when setting grid charges and tariffs, speeding up the process."

The European Commission on Tuesday issued a set of recommendations on energy storage, with the goal of the recommendations being "to ensure the best possible actions for the development of energy storage, which is crucial for the decarbonization of the EU's energy system."
In this regard, the EU executive encourages member states to "further exploit the potential of storage in the design and operation of networks."
In addition, it should be made easier to issue permits and take into account the specific characteristics of energy storage when setting grid charges and tariff schemes.
The 27 are then advised to give "visibility and long-term predictability" to storage remuneration in order to "facilitate access to financing (e.g., monetization of services provided)."
Finally, other recommendations concern post-meter energy storage, the role of flexibility sources in islands and remote areas, research and development, as well as the publication of data to facilitate investment decisions.



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