Mobilità sostenibile, fondi Cef per 188,8 mln €

Sustainable mobility, CEF funds amounting to €188.8 million

Italy to receive €31.5 million for hydrogen, charging stations and infrastructure at Linate and Malpensa airports

On Tuesday, the European Commission selected 26 sustainable mobility projects to be allocated Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) funds of €188.8 million.
The funds, allocated under the CEF calls dedicated to DAFI infrastructure, are earmarked for projects ranging from the installation of electric vehicle charging points on the Ten-T road network to the development of hydrogen mobility and the electrification of airports.
The list includes three Italian projects, to to which a total of €31.5 million is to be allocated.
Specifically, Edison's "Hydrogen Mobility on Ten-T Corridor" project received CEF funds of €5.68 million (against total costs of €18.9 million) for the construction in northern Italy of three H2 refueling stations for heavy vehicles, each equipped with an electrolyzer.
Sea, in turn, obtained €4.4 million (vs. total planned costs of €14.67 million) for the construction of 58 electrical supply points at Linate and 105 at Malpensa to power logistics services and stationed aircraft.
Finally, Enel X Way has obtained €21.38 million for the installation of a network of 902 150 kW charging points at 167 sites on Ten-T roads in Italy, Spain and Romania.
The CEF funds will be complemented by soft loans from financial institutions, stressed EU Transport Commissioner Adina Vălean, pointing out that overall, the allocated funds will lead to the construction of some 2,000 electric vehicle charging points and 63 hydrogen refueling stations.


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