Gioia Tauro, the Green Light for the LNG Given by the Port Committee

It was approved that LNG Medgas Terminal would be granted public domain in concession for a regasification terminal of a volume of 12 billion m3/year

331860It appears that the LNG terminal in Gioia Tauro will be created. Yesterday the majority of the Port Committee, highly cordoned off, voted in favor of granting public domain in concession for the construction, in the Calabrian seaport, a regasification terminal of a volume of 12 billion m3/year. LNG Medgas Terminal, a subsidiary of Sorgenia and Iren, would like to complete it by 2017.

The green light was given despite the protests of demonstrators who had gathered for hours in front of the entrances to the headquarters of the Port Authority, which on that occasion was guarded by hundreds of policemen, carabineers and finance police agents.
Yesterday, besides the associations, also PD (Partito Democratico – Democratic Party), SEL (Sinistra, Ecologia e Libertà – Left-wing, Ecology and Freedom) and M5S (Movimento Cinque Stelle – Five Star Movement) were present. The latter one a few days ago sent a delegation to the Ministry of Economic Development to say “no” to the project, “the ultimate surprise attack of the previous government. The assurance by the MoED – which made an effort to “check with the highest attention and transparency,” if the provisions set forth by the Higher Council of Public Works, requested to assess technical feasibility of the project – did not manage to soothe the worries of the Five Star Movement in terms of the environmental impact and the seismic risk.

This is it. Yesterday  the Region of Calabria, the Province of Reggio Calabria, representatives of industry trade unions of  CISL (Confederazione Italiana Sindacati Lavoratori – Italian Confederation of Trade Unions) and UGL (Unione Generale del Lavoro -  General Labour Union), terminal operators, the customs offices and harbor offices, agreed on granting public domain in concession. Renato Bellofiore, City Mayor of Gioia, was against such a decision, whereas Domenico Madafferri from San Ferdinando, did not participate in voting. Giovanni Barone, the City Mayor of Palmi, and two representatives of SUL (Sindacato Unitario dei Lavoratori – Workers’ United Trade Union) also did not support the idea of regasification terminal.

The company, apart from being “satisfied with votes in favor,” ensured yesterday that “the final design of regasification terminal will ensure local population and the area more safety and environmental compatibility” and that “in the structure construction there will be respected all the provisions set forth in the course of a long authorization process”  which was initiated eight years ago.

Upon the procedure of environmental impact assessment, completed in 2008, LNG of Gioia Tauro was actually given definitely the green light on February 14, 2012, when the Ministers of Economic Development and of the Environment signed the authorization decree.

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