Privatization, Holland to exclude the energy grids

Privatization, Holland to exclude the energy grids

TenneT and Gasunie are "strategic," to be still state-owned

20131030_3Dutch government will not sell the shares of the operators of the electricity grid, TenneT, and gas network, Gasunie, as the energy transportation is considered "strategic" for the country. This was announced this weekend through a letter to the Parliament by the Finance Minister of the Hague, Jeroen Dijsselbloem. He also added that "possible forms of cooperation by means of a holding of cross owned shares with other operators of the networks certified on the basis of the EU regulations."
The letter Dijsselbloem is a response to the request of the Parliament, which asked for explanations regarding the privatization plan of the second government headed by Mark Rutte. The Prime Minister, in charge as of October 2010, was actually constrained to dismiss himself last year, but he was able to create a new executive power immediately afterwards. In the course of the first term, Rutte had requested partial privatization of TenneT and Gasunie.

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