Snam Rete Gas with Legambiente

Snam Rete Gas with Legambiente



Puliamo il mondo 2002 - Clean up the World Snam Rete Gas supports Puliamo il Mondo 2002, the largest voluntary environmental initiative in the world, organised for Italy by Legambiente since 1993. Puliamo il Mondo conveys the necessity and desire of citizens to take care of their territory, managing to involve adults, children and entire families who, for three days, decide to become "environmental volunteers".

The numbers

The 2002 edition of Puliamo il Mondo will take place from the 27th to 29th of September, with the participation of an estimated 600,000 citizens, 1,700 municipalities, 500 schools and 1,000 local associations dedicated to cleaning up 3,800 areas of Italy.

The choice of Snam Rete Gas

A responsible business conduct that always takes into account environmental protection is an integral part of the activities of Snam Rete Gas: the design criteria and the procedures for construction of the buildings and management of the activities satisfy precise environmental protection requirements, as part of a sustainable development policy. For Snam Rete Gas, supporting Puliamo il Mondo 2002 is a decision that is coherent with these principles.

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