Mario Tozzi is the guest of Snam Rete Gas on the occasion of Park Life

Mario Tozzi is the guest of Snam Rete Gas on the occasion of Park Life

parklife2005Snam Rete Gas will be present at the first edition of "Park Life - Salone dei Parchi e del Vivere Naturale" (pavilion 4 - Fiera di Roma - 26/29th May) and will have as their guest the famous reporter Mario Tozzi, host of the TV programme "Gaia - un pianeta che vive" (RAI), as well a leading researcher for the National Research Council (CNR).

The famous television host will be present at the Snam Rete Gas stand on the opening day of the exhibition, where he will meet the public and will talk about the role of natural gas in the energy industry and the relationship between protected areas and energy. The mayor of Portovenere, Salvatore Matteo Calcagnini, the president of the Regional Natural Park of Portovenere, Stefano Mugnaini, and the manager of the Park, Patrizio Scarpellini, will also take part to present their nature environment to the public, in a meeting at which participants will be offered a taste of the gastronomic tradition of Portovenere.

Snam Rete Gas has always offered its customers an important energy source with a low environmental impact, using state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled know-how to respect and safeguard the environment. The positive results achieved, which consent the company to meet the highest safety standards and reduce environmental impact, are an incentive to improve continuously.

The Park Life fair is organized by Federparchi, Legambiente and Fiera di Roma and will bring together the National and regional parks of our country with private companies and public authorities whose activities focus on the values of sustainable growth and living in harmony with nature. All the national parks and protected marine areas, many regional parks and natural reserves, the public at large, institutional figures, operators of the sector, associations, schools and companies will be present to exchange their experience in nature preservation and promotion, territorial and tourist development in search of a deeper, more authentic balance between man and nature.

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