Campochiaro-Sulmona Pipeline

Campochiaro-Sulmona Pipeline

The last 49.5km stretch of the Campochiaro-Sulmona pipeline, which has a nominal diameter of 1,200 mm (48�?), has been completed.

The entire pipeline is 94km long, and will allow an increased importation transport capacity as well as the maintenance of efficient operating conditions for future Snam Rete Gas transport network structures

The entire pipeline has been laid parallel to the “Mediterraneo B�? pipeline between the regions of Molise and Abruzzo, running through the provinces of Campobasso, Isernia and L’Aquila, and over the Apennines, reaching a maximum altitude of 1,594m at Piazza del Re in Roccaraso (AQ).

As well as being complex at a geomorphologic level, the territory that it crosses is an extremely important landscape in as much as it passes over 30km of the Majella National Park.

We have performed innovative naturalistic interventions to reduce the temporary environmental impact, such as preserving the tree-stumps and turf along the route and the realisation of containment works in natural materials along the steepest areas.

Currently we are replacing the vegetation, with the planting of over 60,000 plants that belong to autochthonous species using the technique known as “vegetation islands�? which, over time, will allow the complete recovery of the environment in the sites that have been crossed.

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